Mission: Confident Woman

January 11, 2016  •  3 Comments

I have to admit I haven’t always liked to write which is honestly how I started my photography journey.  It all began in high school yearbook class.  I made a choice publication writing really wasn’t my interest so I joined the photography team and loved the 3 years I was on it.  Once I got into college, I got more in depth into the arts, business and (surprisingly) writing.  In fact, I took just about every writing course that I could.  I found I really do love it!  Never did I imagine that it would take me to where I am today.  And so the story is written...


My journey with Just Believe started almost 3 years ago. I started photographing seniors and weddings which grew into church events, business marketing, families, children, pets, babies, and other lifestyle moments.   About 7 months ago, I was having a talk with a fellow photographer friend and the conversation turned to me having my portrait taken.  Now…that was a hard pill to swallow.  Why you say?  Well it’s one thing to be the photographer and it’s another to be the client being photographed.  I admit I HAD insecurities and that was why I had to do this.  And, yes, there may have been a few tears...ok yes there were.   I had to be vulnerable but I also had to see myself in a different light-- through the camera lens (God’s eye).  It took several months later before I agreed to do this.  Of course I thought I needed to loose weight, get toned up and then there was the excuse “I can’t do this because I have kids and this is a selfish thing to do.”  But for just one afternoon I had to close it all down and just think about me and celebrate who I am and where I’m at in my life.  Who am I?  A pastor's wife, a mommy, daughter, sister, friend, sister-in-Christ, a photographer with a passion, just Jill.  I celebrate because God has brought me sooo far in my life.  It's a path that I didn't envision but I wouldn't trade for anything.  I've gained some of the greatest friendships and a business that has grown into my ministry.    


If you have never done anything like this then I encourage you to be bold with me and celebrate you!  We get lost in all our other jobs that it's easy to lose sight of self.  Trust me, I know...I was a stay at home mommy for 5 years but I wouldn't change that either.  And just to note….I did NOT go shopping for this photo session.  I dug through my gold mine of a closet and pulled my outfits together.  I like to be as thrifty as possible.  


So below I am sharing with you several of my portraits.  I did it.  I survived.  And I loved every minute!  I’m strong.  I’m bold.  I’ve got a mission. 


Mission: Confident Woman.


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One of my favorite poses...I love my red high heals!


Photo credit: Brenda Baird








Just Believe Photography 2017
Yay Chelsea! And thank you!
Chelsea Helms(non-registered)
I love you Jill!!! You are so beautiful.! :) i may need some pictures done soon!
penny Schenck(non-registered)
very nice, Jill.
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