Just Believe Photography 2017: Blog http://justbelievephotography.com/blog en-us Just Believe Photography 2017 justbelievephotography@yahoo.com (Just Believe Photography 2017) Sat, 02 Sep 2017 00:31:00 GMT Sat, 02 Sep 2017 00:31:00 GMT http://justbelievephotography.com/img/s/v-5/u784601475-o365858691-50.jpg Just Believe Photography 2017: Blog http://justbelievephotography.com/blog 120 80 Sunset Senior Session http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2017/9/senior-session The Senior season is underway and I'd like to share some of my favorites from a session that I recently did.  This young lady is as beautiful inside as she is outside. Morgan is a senior at RHS planning to graduate midterm and focus on a career in nursing.  You'll be seeing her more in months to come, but for now I'll let you scroll through her sunset session.  We held out for a beautiful evening and it was awesome.  Can you tell she likes my camera?  Enjoy friends...


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Eli's Maternity Session http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/11/elis-maternity-session One of the best parts of photography is the family we gain along the way as we are invited into people's lives throughout the years.  For Eli and Jarvis that is exactly how we feel.  It started years ago about this same time with their engagement session.  Last year at this time, these two tied the knot in the most beautiful country side wedding.  Now here we are preparing for the arrival of their 4th BOY.  We decided to take this session back to where it all began....in the country. This was the location we had their engagement pictures taken and now two years later it's another celebration of new life.  


Check out the moments below from this pretty fall day.  A special thank you to the gorgeous Kayla Phillips at Renew Salon for hair and makeup.


Blessings friends!


Eli-01Eli-01 Eli-1Eli-1 Eli-02Eli-02

Eli-6067Eli-6067 Eli-Eli-    Eli-03Eli-03 Eli-2Eli-2 Eli-04Eli-04 Eli-4Eli-4 Eli-05Eli-05    Eli-06Eli-06 Eli-08Eli-08 Eli-7Eli-7 Eli-07Eli-07 Eli-8Eli-8 Eli-09Eli-09 Eli-10Eli-10 Eli-12Eli-12 Eli-11Eli-11










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Kirk and Pam's Wedding http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/10/kirk-and-pams-wedding ​A few weeks ago, we were blessed to be a part of Kirk and Pam's special day.  It was a small, intimate crowd, but everything about this day couldn't have been more perfect.  Even the weather cooperated perfectly to capture all of the group photos!  


Whether you know this couple or not, the one thing that is very precious to them is centering their marriage around Christ.  Without Christ as the foundation, a marriage cannot stand.  It is their heart's desire to seek God in all they do including every last detail of their wedding day.  The beauty that is captured in these photos tell their story for that day.  I love emotion and we caught plenty of it.  May God bless our dear friends as they begin this journey and new ministry together.  The best is yet to come!


Extras-5120Extras-5120 Extras-5127Extras-5127


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Maddie's Cake Smash http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/6/maddies-cake-smash I can't believe it's been one year, but [my little niece] Maddie's first birthday is this week.  So what better way to celebrate then have a cake smash.  It's a hit and miss if the little one will be into the cake or not.  But...this time it was a hit. A super big hit and a super big mess.  I think she pretty much stuck to eating the icing.  Surprisingly, she didn't have a sugar rush.  I'd say it was a successful cake smash but I'll let you take a look and decide for yourself.  




Cake Smash-04Cake Smash-04 Cake Smash-02Cake Smash-02 Cake Smash-06Cake Smash-06 Cake Smash-01Cake Smash-01 Cake Smash-03Cake Smash-03 Cake Smash-05Cake Smash-05 Cake Smash-07Cake Smash-07 Cake Smash-09Cake Smash-09 Cake Smash-10Cake Smash-10 Cake Smash-08Cake Smash-08 Cake Smash-12Cake Smash-12 Cake Smash-13Cake Smash-13 Cake Smash-11Cake Smash-11 Cake Smash-14Cake Smash-14 Cake Smash-15Cake Smash-15 Cake Smash-16Cake Smash-16 Cake Smash-17Cake Smash-17 Cake Smash-19Cake Smash-19 Cake Smash-18Cake Smash-18 Cake Smash-21Cake Smash-21 Cake Smash-22Cake Smash-22 Cake Smash-23Cake Smash-23 Cake Smash-20Cake Smash-20 Cake Smash-27Cake Smash-27 Cake Smash-24Cake Smash-24 Cake Smash-25Cake Smash-25 Cake Smash-26Cake Smash-26 Cake Smash-28Cake Smash-28

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Cap & Gown Special for Graduates http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/5/cap-gown-special-for-graduates It's that time of year for graduates and I have a great gift idea for parents, grandparents and friends who have a senior that is graduating.


One aspect of my business that I am very passionate about is reaching out to our young adults.  So I am announcing a Cap & Gown Promo that will be running through June 17th for high school and college graduates.  This is an opportunity to get those last moments of your grad in their cap & gown at their school.  It's also a great way for anyone to get last minute senior pictures if they were unable to do so during the school year.   I am excited to travel outside of Wayne County, but please be advised that there is a travel fee.  Listed below, I have included details of this promotion. Please contact me with any further questions or to set up an appointment at justbelievephotography@yahoo.com .


I look forward to celebrating this time with you!


Chanel--26Chanel--26 Chanel-0639Chanel-0639 Chanel--24Chanel--24 Chanel-0649Chanel-0649

justbelievephotography@yahoo.com (Just Believe Photography 2017) Cap & Gown Special 2016 College Graduate Special' High school Graduate Special JB Family JB Friends Just Believe Blog Just Believe Photography Just Believe Photography Blog http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/5/cap-gown-special-for-graduates Thu, 12 May 2016 16:03:51 GMT
Slay Time - Hair & Fashion Show 2016 http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/4/slay-time---hair-fashion-show-2016 What a night to remember!

New Beginnings first Slay Time - Hair & Fashion Show went down in the books.  I'm still in awe of the tremendous amount of supporters because they believe in what God is doing at 56 NW H St.  To those people who chose to sow, and to those of you who were able to attend, we bless you and thank you.  And to the vendors, beauticians, barbers, and models you all rocked it that night-thank you! Before I go on though I want to recognize those businesses/people who helped make this night to be so awesome.  


New Beginnings of Life/Sparkle Ministries - Cassandra "Lady Disciple" Brown

Younique make-up - Deanna Dill

Vindemia Slur - Julie Hunter

765 Clothing Co - 817 E Main St.

Heaven's Kitchen - Katrina Orr, Katrice Orr, Sonya Perkins, Paula Perkins, Carlotta Wilkerson

Just Believe Photography - Jill Williams


Taurie Kelly

Amanda Moore

Kayla Phillips

Tamara Jackson


Tyrone Davis

Larry Twine

So below I have included a massive amount of pictures that I was able to get that night.  I hope you all enjoy them. And thank you to each of you that helped support our Kingdom mission. Blessings friends!  Enjoy!


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765 Clothing Co.

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In Honor of Wright's Barber Shop....

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It's that time of year... http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/4/its-that-time-of-year Well that time of year is coming upon us again. ::sniff sniff::  {I'm not going to think about how many years it's been for me.}  This is a time of celebration for the young adults who are about to transition into the adult world.  Whether it's off to college or to pursue a career, this is exciting!  I chuckle when I sometimes say "I don't know what I'm going to be when I grow up" several years after the fact but this for one is a true passion of mine.  This is how my journey with Just Believe started--with a spontaneous senior session.  I love reaching out to the youth.  I love to celebrate this milestone with them.  It's personal to each of them, one of a kind and just so much fun. Rarely a dull moment and a day that I have to connect with their inner self.  No two senior sessions are the same and I like it that way.  As a photographer, I love to be a part of this moment that they can carry with them for the rest of their life.  I love to be free and go with the flow.  And that's exactly what we did.  I had a few places in mind but we just "went with the moment."  I think it turned out better than I could have expected.  That's just how God works.  


Chanel is about to graduate from Purdue University with a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership.  Her big smile is contagious.  She's so free and excited.  This chapter is closing, but wherever the path leads her for many years to come it's in God's hands.  


I hope you enjoy the emotion of the day and celebrate with her.  She's quite the creative and I love her style.   Feel free to leave words of encouragement and love below in the comments and I'll make sure she sees all of your kind gestures.  


Welcome to your New Beginning miss Chanel!  


Edited Blog photos-01Edited Blog photos-01 Edited Blog photos-02Edited Blog photos-02 Edited Blog photos-03Edited Blog photos-03 Edited Blog photos-06Edited Blog photos-06 Edited Blog photos-05Edited Blog photos-05 Edited Blog photos-04Edited Blog photos-04 Edited Blog photos-07Edited Blog photos-07 Edited Blog photos-08Edited Blog photos-08 Edited Blog photos-09Edited Blog photos-09 Edited Blog photos-12Edited Blog photos-12 Edited Blog photos-11Edited Blog photos-11 Edited Blog photos-10Edited Blog photos-10 Edited Blog photos-13Edited Blog photos-13 Edited Blog photos-14Edited Blog photos-14 Edited Blog photos-15Edited Blog photos-15 Edited Blog photos-18Edited Blog photos-18 Edited Blog photos-17Edited Blog photos-17 Edited Blog photos-16Edited Blog photos-16





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TrinNahti's First Birthday Cake Smash http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/1/trinnahtis-first-birthday-cake-smash So the time is here for TrinNahti's first birthday and we're celebrating with a cake smash photo shoot.  I admit it is a little bittersweet though.  I've been taking her pictures since she was 3 months old.  Actually if I want to be truthful, I've been taking her pictures since Taurie (her mom) was six months pregnant.  She's definitely "trained" though. I can walk in the room where she is (without my camera) and she smiles at me.  She knows--and she knows how to work my camera. <<ha>>  She's got a lot of cute faces.


TrinNahti has grown to be like one of our own.  We're all family here.  The girls like to tag along with me on shoots because they like to help and they're good at keeping little ones attention for me.  Plus they love making new friends.  =)  TrinNahti really has taken a liking to our girls and they see her as a little sis. That's why I love what I do.  Clients aren't just clients. They're family to us.  Whether I've taken your picture just once or multiple times, you are part of us and we love you!


Hope you enjoy!


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Celebration of Life http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/1/celebration-of-life It has been almost one year to the day that I was at Queen Bee Confections doing a maternity session.  Now one year later, I'm back.  Of all the sessions it could have been, I am thankful for this one because it is a celebration of life and the little life that is about to come.  I won't say a whole lot because the pictures will tell the story but I really enjoyed this day.  There's so much beauty here.  ​This momma and her little girl are a cute team.  Can you tell she really adores her mom?  


In a few months, baby Devin will be welcomed into this world.  So CONGRATULATIONS to this cute little family. Another chapter is beginning...  


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Mission: Confident Woman http://justbelievephotography.com/blog/2016/1/mission-confident-woman I have to admit I haven’t always liked to write which is honestly how I started my photography journey.  It all began in high school yearbook class.  I made a choice publication writing really wasn’t my interest so I joined the photography team and loved the 3 years I was on it.  Once I got into college, I got more in depth into the arts, business and (surprisingly) writing.  In fact, I took just about every writing course that I could.  I found I really do love it!  Never did I imagine that it would take me to where I am today.  And so the story is written...


My journey with Just Believe started almost 3 years ago. I started photographing seniors and weddings which grew into church events, business marketing, families, children, pets, babies, and other lifestyle moments.   About 7 months ago, I was having a talk with a fellow photographer friend and the conversation turned to me having my portrait taken.  Now…that was a hard pill to swallow.  Why you say?  Well it’s one thing to be the photographer and it’s another to be the client being photographed.  I admit I HAD insecurities and that was why I had to do this.  And, yes, there may have been a few tears...ok yes there were.   I had to be vulnerable but I also had to see myself in a different light-- through the camera lens (God’s eye).  It took several months later before I agreed to do this.  Of course I thought I needed to loose weight, get toned up and then there was the excuse “I can’t do this because I have kids and this is a selfish thing to do.”  But for just one afternoon I had to close it all down and just think about me and celebrate who I am and where I’m at in my life.  Who am I?  A pastor's wife, a mommy, daughter, sister, friend, sister-in-Christ, a photographer with a passion, just Jill.  I celebrate because God has brought me sooo far in my life.  It's a path that I didn't envision but I wouldn't trade for anything.  I've gained some of the greatest friendships and a business that has grown into my ministry.    


If you have never done anything like this then I encourage you to be bold with me and celebrate you!  We get lost in all our other jobs that it's easy to lose sight of self.  Trust me, I know...I was a stay at home mommy for 5 years but I wouldn't change that either.  And just to note….I did NOT go shopping for this photo session.  I dug through my gold mine of a closet and pulled my outfits together.  I like to be as thrifty as possible.  


So below I am sharing with you several of my portraits.  I did it.  I survived.  And I loved every minute!  I’m strong.  I’m bold.  I’ve got a mission. 


Mission: Confident Woman.


Blog-3It's just JillMission: Confident Woman Blog-4Blog-4 Blog-1Blog-1 Blog-6Blog-6 Blog-5Blog-5 Blog-7Blog-7

One of my favorite poses...I love my red high heals!


Photo credit: Brenda Baird







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